Christmas in Dark Places

No matter how much tinsel I put up, how much food I buy, how may presents I wrap or cards I receive the house refuses to be Full. There is too much darkness out there, and in here in my heart. I was thinking about how hard we try to make the dark wintery nights bright, our empty houses full and no matter what we do, it’s still dark and it’s still empty. But the good news is Jesus! I thought, this is what makes Christmas hard, and this shall be the topic for my next post. It was going to be about Jesus who steps into our dark world, who knows our brokeness, who meets us in our place of need. I said to myself I must blog about this, this is a great idea — but then I found this video, a great spoken word piece from Glen Scrivener. And I thought, well, I would have never come up with anything so beautiful. Let’s abandon my blog post and just share this. Enjoy!


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Monday, 16 December 2013 · 3:16 pm

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